You Should Stop Having Snickers. Here’s why.

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It’s sinful to say anything bad about Snickers. This delicious chocolate bar is much more than a snack. We have it as desserts, breakfast oats, and what not!

But it’s hard to ignore that, like other chocolate, Snickers could also be bad for you. Before we jump to a conclusion, let’s confirm it.

Here, we’ll investigate whether Snickers are unhealthy. If yes, we’ll find out how many you can have in a day.

To explore Snickers’ health aspects, we have to look into its nutrient composition.

Nutrient Composition

Photo taken by the author from Snickers website

Going through the image, we can conclude that:

  • A Snickers bar is high in calories and total sugars.
  • For a chocolate with so many nuts, Snickers doesn’t supply enough proteins, vitamins, or minerals.
  • It contains palm oil, a major contributor of saturated fats — an unhealthy kind of fat.

Let’s dig more into these points:

1. High calories and sugars

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), a regular person needs around 2000 calories daily. Excess calories can accumulate as fat and cause obesity, heart diseases, etc.

As you can see from the table, a Snickers Singles Size Chocolate Candy Bars bar gives 250 calories, i.e., 12.5 percent of the recommended calorie intake. This might not seem like a huge number.

But it could go up since Snickers isn’t filling, and you may pair it up with other foods. This means that you may have more than 250 calories during a meal.

Not the least, some of its packs contain two servings, and people may have the entire pack.

Here are the calorie in different Snickers bars:

As if high calories aren’t bad enough, Snickers is also rich in sugar.

The FDA has recommended a daily intake amount of 50 g for a person having 2000 calories.

And a Snickers Singles Size Chocolate Candy Bar gives 28 g of total sugar — which is more than half of the DV (Daily Value).

Here are the sugar portions in popular Snickers bars:

2. Low nutritional value

Snickers has a lot of roasted peanut, caramel topped nougat — all covered in milk chocolate. It surely sounds nutritious but doesn’t deliver.

A Snickers Singles Size Chocolate Candy Bar supplies the body with only 4 g protein, 52 g calcium (4 percent of 1300 mg DV), and 188 mg Potassium (4 percent of 4700 mg DV).

Note: The vitamin amounts were calculated based on the renewed daily value of the FDA. But the Snickers website didn’t mention when it was last updated. So the vitamin amounts may vary.

Similarly, popular Snickers flavors may contain:

Table made by the author

3. Has unhealthy fats

Consumption of saturated fat is associated with heart diseases like stroke. Therefore, the FDA says that a person having 2000 calories a day shouldn’t consume more than 20 g of saturated fat.

Each Snickers Singles Size Chocolate Candy Bar supplies 4.5 g of saturated fats — which is high.

Here are the saturated fat contents in popular Snickers flavors:

It’s time to answer our first question.

Are Snickers bad for you?

Yes. Snickers is unhealthy.

Not only does it contain high calories, but it also fills up more than half of your daily sugar intake quota. Moreover, it also has harmful fats in more quantity.

But you can’t deny yourself these chocolaty treats! So, let’s move on to our next question.

How many Snickers can you eat daily?

Think again before having more than one Snickers bar a day. You may want to stick to one serving of Milk Chocolate Candy Bar, Chocolate Candy Bars, Almond Candy Bar, and Peanut Butter Candy Bar to avoid too much sugar, saturated fat, and calories.

However, consuming two or more servings occasionally may not harm you, provided you don’t have diabetes or other health issues.

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