“You have enough money. You could pay for everyone’s food” Man tricks fiance into paying for him and his friends

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Couples have to discuss money, especially when one of the partners earns more than the other. They need to come to a common ground on who should pay for what and their individual contributions to the household.

Putting off financial discussions can cause the couple to struggle in the relationship.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a man demands his fiance pay for him and his friends’ dinner because she got a 30% salary raise and earns more than him.

Woman sneaks out of the restaurant after her fiance asks her to pay for his and his friends’ meal

The author starts the post by saying that she and her fiance have separate finances because that’s what he wanted. Recently, she got a 30% raise and earned more than him. He has been asking her to pay for him and his friends ever since that.

When the author says ‘no’ or ‘why should I pay for this?’ he responds by saying, ‘the 30%, that’s why.’ He acts like she doesn’t deserve the 30%.

Additionally, her fiance tricked her into paying for his and his friends’ meals by asking her publicly. He knows she won’t refuse in public and takes advantage of that.

So the last time they went out with them, she told him beforehand that she wouldn’t pay, and he didn’t object. While eating, he leaned into her ears and whispered that she would be paying for everything. He said, “You have enough money. You could pay for everyone’s food. 30%, remember?”

The author got furious but waited till the bill arrived. She paid for her meal, excused herself to the washroom, and left. After a while, she got several calls from her fiance. She texted him that he shouldn’t have tricked her into paying and then stopped replying.

When her fiance arrived, he yelled and called her selfish, irrational, cheapskate, and childish for sneaking out, leaving him without money to pay. He had to call his brother to help him pay.

Later, he admitted that he didn’t tell her beforehand about the bill because he was sure she would refuse. He felt she could pay because the restaurant wasn’t expensive.

Meanwhile, his friends think she is disappointed and ask her fiance to take time and reflect on the type of woman he wants to marry.

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