Woman who made $20,000 Talking to Married Men online doesn’t think it’s Cheating

Aabha Gopan
2 min readNov 20, 2022

A woman made $20,000 talking to married men on how to keep their wives happy and teaching single men how to land a lady.


Lana May, an OnlyFans model from Los Angeles, has earned $20,000 from married men, teaching them how to restore the magic in their married life. The 42-year-old has had many of her clients contact her asking for advice to energize their marriages that are falling apart due to lack of intimacy.

Lana told The Post that a lot of her clients want to be seen, heard, and desired and that she helps them feel the connection and affection. So, she claims to be eventually helping her clients and not stealing them.

She further shared that some of her clients love their wives so much that they ask her for advice to win them back. Due to these requests, Lana started her marriage counseling service at the beginning of the year and conducts sessions online via Skype or Zoom. As the session begins, she will ask her client whether they want coaching or advice, or intimate texting to help polish their skills.

Lana, who is also called the ‘man whisperer’, charges her services $15 per minute for a 30-minute session and has earned over $20,000 in just six months.

Even though the men asking her for help have reached her through her profile in OnlyFans, she doesn’t think they’re cheating on their partners.

According to her female friends, to whom she came open about her new business, she is doing her clients’ wives a favor and said they should be grateful for her advice. Lana herself claims that no one’s getting hurt and they aren’t in an affair in the traditional sense. She added that she has saved ‘at least half a dozen’ marriages.