Woman shares a tip to remove soap scum with an item that costs a dollar

Aabha Gopan
2 min readDec 13, 2022

Cleaning shower scum or shower glass doors can be tiresome and unpleasant. Fortunately, a cleaning expert has shared how to do it perfectly using an item that costs just $1.

Chiana Dickson, a cleaning expert, shared in a post for Homes & Gardens about how she dissolves soap scum on glass shower doors. She admitted that she found it difficult to clean glass shower doors such that no streaks are formed.

Luckily, her friend came to her rescue. And when Chiana tried out her friend’s cleaning tip, she was surprised.

Her friend suggested using dryer sheets, which costs as less as a dollar in Walmart and can be used to clean off shower scum from the glass door.

Elaborating on this, she said that there are ‘three qualities’ that make dryer sheets great for cleaning.

The first trait is its texture. She explained that its texture helped buff the stains away without causing any scratches. The second is that dryer sheets are made delicate to keep them from damaging clothes. As a result, they usually don’t harm the glass.

Moreover, dryer sheets have chemicals embedded into the fabric to soften clothes. These chemical compounds are also great for washing away grime in shower glass.

Besides these helpful traits, dryer sheets also reduce static and, as a result, dust will not collect on the door. So the glass will have a prolonged shine between cleanings.

Chiana also asked viewers to rinse the area with warm water to completely remove any residue that may have been left by the dryer sheets.