Woman says her cousin is a ‘threat to her marriage’

Aabha Gopan
3 min readJul 24, 2022

Is it right to hit on one’s wife’s cousin?

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Getting unwanted attention from a family member can be downright annoying and uncomfortable.

This is especially true when the person, who is flirting, is married. One might wonder whether they’re giving off any vibes or if they’re doing it just for fun. But the situation could become spooky if the person keeps showing signs.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post about a woman whose cousin’s husband kept hitting on her since they met. Eventually, the woman had to call him out when her cousin felt the former was a threat to the latter’s marriage.

This online post went viral with over 13K upvotes and 800 comments and was published in Newsweek.

How should one react when a relative hits on them?

The author starts the post by saying she hadn’t met her cousin’s husband before their wedding. Right away, she got a bad vibe from him and felt he was hitting on her because he said she seemed like a ‘wild child,’ and he would bet she was a ‘bad girl’ in college.

Then, he started following the author on Instagram, sending her reels, and writing odd things on her post like, ‘looking great cousin.’ Once, he even messaged her, informing her that he was in her state. She mentioned that she didn’t respond to any of these comments or messages.

Although his behavior scared the author, she didn’t inform her cousin because they weren’t close. And her cousin also looks down upon her because she isn’t devoted to god like her cousin.

Having said that, a fake Instagram account showing a few of the author’s pictures came up asking for money in exchange for her pictures. She later found out that her cousin’s husband fell for it.

Then, she got a long message from her cousin saying she was very tolerant of the author’s sinful life. But since the author was a threat to her marriage, she wasn’t welcome in the her life anymore.

The author calmly explained that the account was fake and she had reported it. But her cousin refused to believe her and said she pities the author for her low self-esteem and would keep her in her prayers.

Should one take blame for another person?

The author lost control and said a few harsh things to her cousin by exposing the husband. She also showed the screenshots of the messages he sent and said, “If your marriage is so easily threatened, get a divorce. Don’t take your insecurities out on me.”

Shortly after this, her mother and grandmother called to berate the author and told her she was rude. Her grandmother also asked her not to attend any family functions to avoid drama.

Now the author is wondering whether she did anything wrong.

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