Woman says boyfriend cheated on her and dumped her after she donated him her kidney

Aabha Gopan
2 min readDec 30, 2022

A woman was dumped by her boyfriend after she donated her kidney to him, which he claims she did to ‘look good’.

Colleen Le, a 30-year-old woman from the USA, revealed that her then-boyfriend suffered from chronic kidney disease due to which he had to undergo dialysis at the age of 17. She volunteered to give him her kidney after confirming that they matched. But the duo broke up a few months later after he cheated on her.

Colleen shared her tragic story on TikTok and racked up over 2 million likes, following which many complimented her for her kind-heartedness.

Instead of posting just one video, she made several videos explaining the details of the story. In one such video, she shared that her boyfriend told her his kidney functioned at less than 5 per cent. As she didn’t want him to die, she got tested and volunteered to give him her kidney. Fortunately, both of them recovered well after the surgery.

However, their relationship went down the drain after this. Her boyfriend went to a bachelor’s party in Las Vegas only to return and confess to having cheated on her. She didn’t doubt her boyfriend to be unfaithful because he was a devoted Christian. But she decided to forgive him.

Three months after that, her boyfriend broke up with her saying God would bring them back together if they were meant to be. He then blocked her on all social media.

The most moving of her clips was the one in which her ex-boyfriend claimed that she gave him her kidney only to ‘look good’. Another clip shows that her ex-boyfriend’s ‘homie’ told her ‘not everyone’ wanted to know about her giving him a kidney.

Her videos have millions of viewers and likes, with many viewers applauding her deed of giving her kidney and forgiving her cheating boyfriend. One of them pointed out that her ex-boyfriend didn’t deserve her or her kidney, while another asked her to be proud of herself.