Woman refuses to let brother-in-law’s stepchildren have late sister’s possessions

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Shouldn’t a person respect their dead loved one’s wishes?

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A person can leave their belongings with their loved ones before they die and keep others from having them. Later, these things can be of immense emotional value to the person’s loved ones.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a woman asked her sister not to let her husband have her personal belongings because she didn’t trust him to give them to her biological children.

Woman refuses to give former BIL’s stepchildren access to her late sister’s possessions

The author starts the post by saying that her sister, Anna, passed away eight years ago. When Anna realized that she wouldn’t live for long, she asked the author to keep some of her stuff and give it only to her sons, Luca and Milo, who were her world. Anna felt her husband would move on and allow his future children to have her stuff instead of her boys. She made the author promise to only give it to her children.

Anna gave her some jewelry, stuffed animals, baby photos and books, and fancy art supplies. Her husband (Anna’s husband) was clearly unhappy to know that she didn’t trust him.

He remarried six years ago and has two stepdaughters and a biological daughter with his new wife. Luca and Milo go to the author’s house every weekend a month as per the court’s order.

Like Anna predicted, the author’s former brother-in-law wanted her to share Anna’s possessions with his other children after the girls said they wanted the stuffed animals.

But Luca and Milo don’t want them to have their mother’s things and asked the author not to give them.

Having said that, the author’s former brother-in-law’s stepdaughter just turned 13 and wanted one of Anna’s lockets or a lookalike. When her former brother-in-law approached, she refused, and he called her selfish, saying that they were Luca’s and Milo’s sisters and needed to know that a guardian angel was looking out for them.

He then asked her whether they could at least see the things. But the author refused because she didn’t want the kids to get attached to Anna’s stuff since they couldn’t have it.

Now the author is wondering whether she is wrong.

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