Woman refuses to include husband’s name in house title

Aabha Gopan
2 min readSep 2, 2022

Does a person who didn’t contribute to buying a house have any right over it?

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On average, the cost of a house in the USA is $428,700, and it could take a person several years to buy one, depending on their income and expenditure.

Before buying the house, one should be wary of whom to add to the house title. The person whose name is in the title will have the right to decide, will have ownership over the house, can make changes, and more.

If not, it could lead to ownership issues.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a woman refused to include her husband’s name in the house title because he didn’t contribute to it.

Woman refused to put her husband’s name on the title of her house

The author has been married to her husband for eight years. She explains that in her culture, husband and wife don’t combine finances after marriage or have shared properties.

At the beginning of the relationship, the author suggested that they split expenses like hiring cleaning staff, utilities, rent., etc., and save for a house. Her husband had no interest in buying a home that early and expressed that he would spend on experiences instead.

So they agreed to have a shared account for regular expenditures and do as they pleased with what was left of their salaries.

Her husband chose to go on expensive vacations with his friends and lead an extravagant life, whereas the author decided to save for a house. She would also go on vacations with her husband, buy him expensive gifts, etc. But she wouldn’t spend much on her vacations with friends or her me time. Her trips would cost around one-tenth of his.

Having said that, after eight years, she decided to buy a small apartment with her savings. She plans to buy another house later from the money saved and rent the small apartment for extra income.

The issue is that her husband hasn’t contributed to buying the apartment but wants his name in the title. She explained that he could help her buy a bigger house by saving up with her.

But, he got furious and went on a trip to cool off. Now, the author is wondering whether she is wrong.

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