Woman makes daughter-in-law, who is a new mother, cook and clean when she visits them

Aabha Gopan
2 min readSep 13, 2022

How important is resting after delivery?

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Contrary to popular belief, people don’t have to rush to see a newborn and his mother because it could be inconvenient for the new parents adjusting to their new life.

Even if one visits, it’s necessary that the new parents know about the visit in advance so that they have time to prepare for a guest.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a woman makes her daughter-in-law, who delivered a baby recently, cook and clean while she visits them.

Woman kicks out mother-in-law and refuses to let her see her grandson

The author starts the post by saying that she is a new mother who is living with her husband in the UK. While the author is from a middle eastern country, her husband is from the UK.

On the day they returned from the hospital after delivery, all her husband’s family visited them. When the author asked why she wasn’t told about their visit in advance so that she could prepare to greet guests, her mother-in-law justified that it was normal in their culture. So the author ended up cooking, baking, and serving food to all the guests and cleaning while caring for the baby.

The author thought they wouldn’t come frequently and didn’t think much about it.

But they kept visiting every other week and hanging out in their living room for hours while the author cooked, served, and cleaned after them. Other than these visits, they wouldn’t help out with anything or call.

Having said that, her husband informed her that his mother and sisters would visit them because one of his sisters hadn’t met the baby. Apparently, they asked him to ask the author to dress more conservatively because she had gained a little weight.

That’s when she snapped and told him that they wouldn’t be allowed inside. She said that they ordered her around like a maid when she was already tired but didn’t help with caring for the baby or managing the house.

Her husband conveyed this to his parents, who think the author is keeping them from meeting their grandson and kicking them out of the house they bought for their son.

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