Woman gets ‘petty’ revenge on ex and new girlfriend with billboard outside his home

Aabha Gopan
2 min readNov 21, 2022

A singer-songwriter plastered her face on billboards all across Los Angeles to take revenge on her ex.


Izza, 25, plastered her face on billboards and placed it outside her ex’s house so that he and his new girl can see her daily and will never forget her.

Izza expressed in an interview that she wanted the person who disrespected her to see her face, feel bad, and realize how far she has come in her personal life and music career.

She further voiced out that she didn’t care what her ex thought as she was not in touch with him. She also explained that she has become more confident after she became a self-proclaimed professional pop star. She wanted to be seen everywhere and get the most exposure.

Izza remembered that five years ago, she wouldn’t have taken this action because she was constantly trying to appease others and make them feel better. But now she has decided to concentrate on herself and push herself to do better things.

She uploaded a video on TikTok showing herself posing under a billboard of her latest album. The video went viral with 4.3 million views and thousands of comments.

One user commented that she wanted to be like her when she grew up. Another praised her move as iconic. A TV producer wrote that revenge is a dish best served in pink.

Meanwhile, Izza stated that heartbreak is universal and people have seen the video and resonated with it.

She advised everyone experiencing heartbreak to focus on what they love and keep in mind that it is a common feeling that will pass. She also suggested taking a small amount of petty revenge.