Woman furious at couple for not inviting her to wedding

Aabha Gopan
2 min readApr 3, 2023

A woman expressed her discontent after discovering that her partner had been invited to a friend’s wedding without her. The woman, who remained unnamed, took to the parenting forum Mumsnet to share her annoyance that she had not been invited as her partner’s plus one.

Photo by Leonardo Miranda on Unsplash

She stated that she had been with her partner for nine years, and it seemed unreasonable to her to invite half of a couple to a wedding while leaving out the other person. She revealed that her partner was also unhappy with the situation and had promised to address the matter with the couple.

The woman went on to explain that she had known the bride and groom for years and was shocked to find out that the wedding invite was only addressed to her partner. She also disclosed that the groom had been in a relationship with her cousin and cheated on her, which could be the reason for her exclusion. She added that she would never consider inviting only one part of a couple to a wedding.

While some users on the forum sympathized with her, others argued that a couple should not always be considered as a single entity, and therefore the woman was not entitled to an invitation.

Although some users on Mumsnet agreed that the situation was impolite, many others believed that the woman should not assume that she had a right to be invited solely because she was in a relationship with her partner.

Some users suggested that the couple may have had budget constraints or seating limitations, while others emphasized that it was ultimately the couple’s decision who to invite to their wedding.

What do you think? Would you ever exclude a friend’s partner from your wedding guest list?