Woman claims she has gone ‘Mad’ due to Neighbor’s 6ft Fence blocking her view but council won’t help her

Aabha Gopan
2 min readDec 3, 2022

A woman says she is going mad after a neighbor installed a 6ft tall fence blocking her view of the street. She is devastated as the council also refused to help.

A 75-year-old woman, Sheila Parkinson, can see only the tops of houses when she walks out onto the driveway. She claims she would have gone mad at the constant sight of the 6 ft fence if it weren’t for her friends and daughter.

Sheila also shared that she has consulted the local council several times regarding this issue, but was left disappointed after they took no action. She made the first complaint on October 24th after the fence was put up, around the beginning of winter when days were getting shorter and darker.

She explained she is on her own for a long time as she is 75. Now, when she sits down to rest and looks out, she can’t see anything. She also has to keep the lights switched on for long because no natural light reaches her house after the fence blocks most of it. This is costing her a lot more on electricity. She clarifies that she doesn’t mind having a huge fence but prefers it not to be just outside her window.

As of now, Sheila has spoken to the local council three times but in vain as they didn’t respond to her. When enquired with the local council, they conveyed that the initial visit was delayed due to circumstances beyond their control. However, they have ensured that the visit has been scheduled.