Why I Said ‘Yes’ To An Arranged Marriage

Aabha Gopan
2 min readSep 2, 2021
Pic from Identity.

Today’s Indian society has a small population that still frowns upon marriages where partners find each other (also called love marriages). That’s because most love marriages happen between people from two different communities. And older Indians often find such unions difficult to comprehend, hence the unacceptance.

The youth of the country vehemently condemn this idealogy. And that’s what gets parents all tensed up. They are concerned their children will marry someone outside their religion or caste — which is a taboo in society. Their solution - arranged marriages.

For those who haven’t watched the Indian Matchmaking (a cringe-worthy Netflix show that you shouldn’t watch), I’ll explain what an arranged marriage is.

Arranged marriages are like blind dates arranged by family…. between families. And then the couple.

In arranged marriages, families hunt for suitable proposals. When they finally find a suitable family, the guy and girl meet and get to know each other.

As illogical and restrictive as it sounds, it isn’t all that bad. Youngsters like me who realize that arranged marriages are unpractical still go for them.

Now, let’s see why arranged marriages are great.

1. Both Parties Have The Same Goal - Marriage!

Often, couples who date face issues due to their difference in opinion on marriage. One could feel they aren’t ready to take the big step, which can be painful if the other wants to get married.

In arranged marriages, you and your potential partner are ready to settle. And you know that. Plus, the chances of the other person fooling around is less.

2. Involves Families

The Indian culture gives a lot of importance to family. Therefore, it’s essential that something like marriage happens with their good wishes.

As I said, arranged marriages are initially planned between families. It’ll involve you and your potential partner only if the families like each other.

Love marriages can’t ensure this. Your family may feel you both aren’t great for each other. And they may not accept the relationship wholeheartedly.

3. Minimum Expectations

Marriage isn’t a bed of flowers.

Couples who opt for arranged marriage don’t usually expect much from each other. As a result, little acts of love tend to impact them more. Likewise, they are more likely to forgive each other quickly after misunderstandings.

The type of marriage you choose should depend on you. Understand that how you get married isn’t important - your happiness is.

So, if you’re someone who needs your family to help choose a partner, go for an arranged marriage. And if you can’t stand anything similar to blind dates, an arranged marriage isn’t your cup of tea.