“We’ll be the perfect couple for our families” Gay man marries straight woman

Aabha Gopan
2 min readSep 28, 2022
Photo by Gustavo Fring

Several families see same-gender marriages as dishonor and force their gay or lesbian family members to have a straight relationship. Such forced marriages not only have lasting emotional damage on the victim but also impact children negatively.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a straight woman shares that she is marrying her gay best friend because of their families.

Woman says that she is marrying a gay man

The author, a 20-year-old, starts the post by saying that she comes from a culture where it’s normal for parents to set up partners for their children. Since her parents immigrated to the USA years ago, they have many family friends there. One of their close family friends has a son, 22-year-old, who is her best friend.

The author’s and her best friend’s parents decided to get married in the future when they were kids. As a result, she and her best friend grew up together and became best friends. But he realized that he was gay when he was 11 years old and told her when she was 14.

As the chances of her best friend getting cut off, disowned, and probably hurt physically if he comes out is high, they have decided to get married. But in reality, they would pursue their own relationships without anyone knowing.

She wrote, “We’ll be the perfect couple for our families” and go on dates. They will say that she is infertile when they don’t have kids. She ends the post by saying it’s sad that they have marry. But she is glad they are in this together.

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