“We need a break” Parents blame daughter for not taking kid brother along with her on date

Aabha Gopan
2 min readSep 21, 2022

Is one responsible for their kid sibling when they are on a date?

Photo by Ron Lach

Dating helps two people understand each other and evaluate their sustainability as a couple. Usually, dates involve only the people who’re in the romantic relationship. But sometimes, due to urgent circumstances, they may have to include another person along with them.

But what if a person is expected to take their kid sibling on their date?

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which parents blame their daughter for not taking her kid brother along for a kid-friendly date.

Woman doesn’t take her kid brother along with her on her date

The author, a 22-year-old, starts the post by saying that her boyfriend of two years had never been to an aquarium or zoo as his parents couldn’t afford them. So she planned a surprise date taking him to the aquarium, McDonald’s, getting on fair rides, etc. Basically, a good kid’s day trip.

However, when she told her parents about the date, they got annoyed saying that the author could have taken her eight-year-old brother on the date as it was kid-friendly and that they needed a break. Her parents were loud and her brother heard this and got upset. She promised to take him to McDonald’s later but her parents weren’t satisfied.

They pointed out that the author still lived with them so had to be more considerate of her brother and also take him out so that they could have some free time. The author explains that she pays rent and helps around the house and thinks that she contributes to the house.

Also, she felt her parents were wrong for asking her to take her brother with her on her date.

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