Vintage advertisements of Volkswagen

Aabha Gopan
5 min readNov 27, 2019
Photo courtesy- Car Brand Names

Vintage advertisements have a charm that does not cease to impress. Something makes relating to them easier. While going through some old advertisements, I happened to stumble across the ads of the famous German automaker, Volkswagen. After reading and observing their decades-old ads, I realized that they are one of the many brands that will forever be remembered for their print advertisements.

I have decided to show the beauty of these ads to you so that you too can appreciate them like me. Even though the purpose of these ads was to attract people, they are different from each other in many ways.

Photo courtesy- Courtney Medford

What is your first thought after seeing this ad?

I was surprised. It is rare to find anything relating a vehicle to babies. Such a thought is definitely praiseworthy- no pun intended. This ad will catch attention even today because of its queer content and impeccable writing. Moreover, this ad successfully makes you feel nostalgic, triggers feelings and advertises its product smartly.

Photo courtesy- Blogspot

This article reminds me of a boring English essay but still managed to keep me engaged. I will without a second thought congratulate the writer who could weave such uninteresting content together into an entertaining story. He/she could convey the facts with data without it seeming like a report- can it be any more perfect?

Photo courtesy- Etsy

One of the most important tools in writing ads is observation. The use of facts that we learned can make it easier for the readers to relate to an ad. This is one of the best examples of one such ad. The simple and elegant writing style has inexplicably conveyed the content realistically.

Photo courtesy- Old ride

The content of an ad is a crucial factor that determines whether it will convince the readers or not. But how do you see to it that your ad stands out when the competition in your industry is high? You can do it by coming up with rare content. Just like they did in the ad above. No automobile company has been seen advertising about dealers or spare parts making this ad easily noticeable.

Photo courtesy- Fine Art America

There is something you should learn from this ad- How to present your con like its a pro. Are you too short? Sneak into places quickly with ease. So, be short!- or- Why buy a ladder when you are tall?

Volkswagen couldn’t have done better. They have expertly announced that they are small and have also elaborated on how spacious it is despite its size. It is after reading ads like these, that you start appreciating words.

Photo courtesy- The Golden Bug

What is the classic way of selling anything? Talk about its special features. Explain how it is different from other similar products. Convince the readers it’s their best option. Done! Your product is sold. This ad does the same. Advertising is an art that should be relatable, simple and put forward unique propositions.

Photo courtesy- The Samba

Ever wondered why the story of a movie stays in your head for years whereas a math formula doesn’t? A story is what is missing in a math formula! Stories have a way of lingering in our minds for a long time. This can be used in advertising too. Link all the points you want and write them in a flow like in a story. Also, maintaining a flow in writing is important- a consistent tone, voice and a personality resonating with the brand.

Photo courtesy- Etsy

Customer is the king. Every business revolves around its customer’s needs and comfort. So, it is not surprising that businesses concentrate on providing customer satisfaction. This ad of Volkswagen does the same. As said before, the content of an ad plays a huge role in how it is accepted by the reader. A customer-centric content will always attract people and a well-written ad will convince the reader to consider its product.

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“Impossible”- this is how you capture the attention of a reader with one word. It arouses curiousness about the content making people read it. The heading has only one purpose- make people read the article. How famous the article will become depends on the style of writing. An ideal heading is something that will reveal just enough so that the topic is clear and make them feel like they are missing out on something if they don’t read it. So, I would say that this ad has an ideal heading.

Last but not least, they have a trick that I liked a lot. I would like to compare a well-known ad of the 1900s with that of the 2010s.

What will you do when you come across an ad titled LEMON with a huge image of a car? Is the car named Lemon? Seems like they have just referred to lemons in the end. Let’s look at what the next one has for us- Lemonade. Wonderful!

“When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade out of it”- this is what came to my mind first.

The connection between the two ads cannot be missed. Not only is the heading peculiar, but also applaudable since they created an ad that is amusingly related to their old one.


All Volkswagen ads are created by Jurgen Stackmann. And it is remembered even today. Vintage ads are special because of their simple and practical content. They are more relatable and presented in a more serious tone which appeals to the grown-up section of the society. Let’s agree that when it comes to ads, old is always gold.

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