“This is no excuse to treat my friend like dirt” Man defends friend who cheated on his GF

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Is cheating a mistake or a choice? If it’s a choice, does the cheating partner deserve punishment?

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Having an affair is something a person does when they don’t want to break up. So, it’s definitely a choice.

And the after-effects of an affair on the cheater’s partner can be immense. It can cause grief, brain changes, behavioral changes, stress, chronic depression, etc., down the road.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a man defends his friend after he had an affair.

Man sides with a friend after he cheated on his wife

The author starts the post by saying that his friend and his friend’s wife have been married for three years and have two babies together. Recently, a woman contacted his wife and told her about his friend sleeping with the former a few years back, while the married couple were in different states.

This changed the nature of their marriage, and his wife became toxic. She recently guilt-tripped the friend to get her an expensive cat when they already have four other cats and two kids to care for. She also leaves him to care for the babies to go out late, makes him do extra work around the house after his job, and so on.

When the author told his wife about his friend’s situation, she sided with his friend’s wife, saying that the woman would be going through a lot and required time. But the author said, “This is no excuse to treat my friend like dirt.” He added that she was dealing with the situation in an unhealthy manner.

But his wife said she would do anything to support his friend’s wife as his friend ‘deserved it’ and needs to go through the consequences of his actions.

This issue created a rift between the author and his wife. He ends the post by saying that two wrongs don’t make a right and that his friend’s wife is being selfish and guilting him to make decisions.

What do you think? Is his friend’s wife right to treat his friend poorly? Share your thoughts below.



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