“They were all photoshopped” Woman tricks sister-in-law to divorce her brother

Aabha Gopan
3 min readSep 30, 2022

What to do if someone uses one’s insecurity to ruin their relationship?

Photo by Engin Akyurt

Being cheated on is a horrible situation that could leave a person emotionally scarred for long. They could also develop the fear of being cheated on, which is common among people.

As a result, one might become wary of whom they trust and get involved with romantically. They might also become insecure about their partner’s faithfulness.

But can someone use this insecurity to ruin a good relationship?

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a woman gets tricked by her sister-in-law to divorce her loving husband.

“They were all photoshopped”

The author starts the post by saying that she was cheated on before and, therefore, had a strong opinion about it. Everyone, including her husband, Jamie, and his family, knew she wouldn’t forgive a cheater.

Her sister-in-law, Lisa, has a best friend, Emma, who married an abusive man at the age of 20. The marriage ended 10 years later but Emma needed therapy and had two children.

The author’s husband, Jamie, Emma, and Lisa were best friends growing up. Emma grew interested in Jamie after her divorce and Lisa was on a mission to bring them together.

The author had confided in Lisa that Jamie’s colleague and he worked together for long hours and that their working together made her insecure. Lisa used this to break them up.

Lisa talked over the phone that Jamie was cheating on the author with his beautiful colleague, and she couldn’t resist asking more about it. Lisa begged her not to ruin her marriage and showed her photoshopped pictures and text messages, seeing which she confirmed that Jamie was cheating on her. Lisa also made her promise not to tell anyone that she showed the pictures.

When the author confronted Jamie, he refused to have done anything wrong. Even though he asked her for the source of the photos, she kept her promise and didn’t reveal Lisa’s involvement. The author also contacted Jamie’s colleague’s husband and told him about what she learned, and they too got divorced.

However, after the author asked for divorce, Lisa disappeared from her life. She stopped replying to the author’s messages and wouldn’t talk much even if they ran into each other. Later, the author noticed how Lisa started sharing stories of Jamie and Emma spending time together. Lisa also shared pictures of Emma and her children with Jamie. Later Jamie agreed to the divorce saying he wanted to move on.

So the author grew suspicious and with the help of Lisa’s on-and-off boyfriend, Mike, she found that Lisa and Emma set up the whole thing. The author realized that Jamie hadn’t cheated on her and that she was played by Lisa and Emma using her insecurity.

The author was heartbroken and went deeper into depression. But she contacted Jamie’s colleague’s husband and let him know the truth. He scolded her for running his marriage and she felt she deserved it. She also texted Jamie’s colleague, who had quitted and moved, about what she found out and apologized. But she didn’t receive any replies.

The author is wondering whether she should also tell Jamie about what Emma and Lisa did. She feels that he should know what Emma is capable of if he were letting her into his life. She ended the post by saying that she didn’t deserve Jamie and, therefore, won’t try winning him back.

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