School asks Asian child to dye hair black because lighter hair colors didn’t look natural

Aabha Gopan
2 min readAug 31, 2022

Which are the natural hair colors?

Photo by Mikhail Nilov

The anti-Asian mentality is becoming more and more prevalent in the US, which is why one has to stop dismissing it as harmless and spread knowledge about it. Schools also have to take the necessary steps to eliminate any form of racism in their compounds.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a mom fights against her Asian daughter’s school, which asked her daughter to dye her hair black because lighter hair colors didn’t look natural.

Mom refuses to dye her daughter’s hair because her school complained

The author starts the post by saying that her daughter dyed her hair dark reddish brown for her birthday. Her daughter’s school allows hair colors that are natural, like brown, red, blond, and other natural tones. Since they’re Asian, her daughter has naturally black hair, and the color she chose to dye wasn’t very light.

But one of the teachers complained to the author that her daughter’s hair color didn’t follow the dress code. The teacher said her daughter’s hair color wasn’t her natural hair color. The author pointed out that many brunettes had clearly colored their hair blonde and even had highlights. The teacher then explained that those girls could look blonde, but her daughter’s hair was supposed to be black.

The author understood that the teacher meant her daughter shouldn’t dye her hair because it’s ‘naturally’ black, which she felt was a racist thing to say.

So she decided to fight and met the principal, who also felt her daughter’s hair color was against the dress code. They want her daughter to change to a darker hair color despite the many brown-haired white girls in the class who have colored their hair red or blonde (from a darker to a lighter color).

The author tried to get in touch with the superintendent but didn’t get any response. The school is about to reopen, and she received a mail from the principal saying that her daughter was allowed only to have black hair. But her daughter doesn’t want to dye her hair black.

Now the author is wondering whether she is wrong to fight the school.

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