Religious woman refuses to attend Catholic sister’s wedding

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Should religion come above siblings?

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Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime celebrations that involve the bride’s and groom’s loved ones. Not attending such an event due to unjustifiable reasons can hurt the bride or groom and show them that their relationship isn’t valued.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a woman refuses to attend her Catholic sister’s wedding because of her faith.

“If you can’t make a concession for me, then I shouldn’t make one for you”

The author starts the post by saying that she and her sister, Kate, are very close despite believing in different religions. While she is a Catholic, her sister is an Evangelical.

The author was proposed to three months ago and had decided to have no bridesmaids and only a maid of honor, which would be her sister. She decided to have the ceremony in the church and a small party in another venue.

Her sister was overjoyed with the news and was a part of the wedding planning. When her sister learned of where the ceremony was happening, she seemed uncomfortable. Last week, her sister approached her to say that she wouldn’t be able to attend the ceremony in the church because of her religion.

The author was upset and tried to convince her sister to change her mind.

“This is an important moment for me, much more than the party and I wish all the people I love were there, including you”.

Her sister stood her ground pointing out that she didn’t feel comfortable in a church of another religion.

The author tried again.

“I don’t feel comfortable in other churches either, but I went with the greatest honor to your wedding, because I know it was important to you as well as for me”

After her sister left, the author thought about it again and decided to uninvite her sister.

The author explained that if one of the most important people in her life were unwilling to put aside their religion for two hours to be there for her (the author), then she (her sister) shouldn’t come to the wedding. The author ended the call by saying that she wasn’t willing to make a concession for someone who wasn’t willing to do the same for her.

Now, her sister and mother are trying to change the author’s mind.

What do you think? Was the author wrong to uninvite her sister? Share your thoughts below.



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