Pregnant wife leaves party after her husband cracked an insensitive joke

Aabha Gopan
3 min readJan 1, 2023

According to a study, jokes increase satisfaction in marriage, and partners should explore the role of humor in their relationship. However, sometimes jokes can be insulting.

Insulting includes a person using words to manipulate, assault, ridicule, and degrade another person. Any form of derogatory comments could bring down the recipient’s self-esteem, negatively affecting their psychological health.

A recent Reddit post, with 20.1K upvotes and 3.1K comments, sparked talks about how jokes can be insensitive and insulting.

Handling Insults In front of Family

The author is a pregnant 25-year-old female married to a man of 35 years of age. Her in-laws had them over for dinner to celebrate the gender reveal party of their first daughter.

When they got there, the author realized many of their relatives were also present for the party and started getting nervous as she isn’t a “fan of being around many people.”

During dinner, the author barely ate because of anxiety. She was also angry that her husband didn’t warn her that so many people were gathering. However, all hell broke loose when her husband gave a toast.

He opened a bottle, poured a drink, and wished that their daughter be healthy and happy, but look nothing like the author (his wife).

Why do men insult their partners?

According to a study published in The British Psychological Society, men insult their partners to prevent them from leaving with someone else. By degrading their partners, men establish that the former can’t find better spouses. Scientists call this mate retention.

Also, insulting a partner indicates a lack of respect, which is essential for satisfaction in a relationship.

As for the author of the Reddit post, she got angry and left.

Her husband followed her to the door, asking what went wrong, and she shared the issue. He defended that it was just a joke and that she was acting over the top. After she got home, he called her several times and asked her to get her insecurities in check before she passed them on to their daughter.

The author then wrote that the husband had told her he hopes their daughter doesn’t look like her a few times before. She also explained that she was dealing with low self-esteem and anxiety.

Should the author have waited for the party to end to bring up the issue? Or did she do the right thing by leaving? Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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