“No, we need one bill because I forgot my wallet again” Woman makes SIL pay for her expensive dinner

Who pays after dining out?

The right etiquette would be for the person who suggested dining out to pay. But some friends and family members might hesitate to pay, leaving that responsibility to another person.

How should one handle such situations?

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a woman purposely forgets her wallet after she picks an expensive restaurant to dine at and asks her sister-in-law to pay for her.

Woman takes sister-in-law’s wallet to the restaurant when she conveniently always forgets it

The author starts the post by saying that her sister-in-law, Amy, always visits their town, stays with them, and goes to expensive restaurants. After dining, she says that she forgot her wallet or comes up with some excuse for why she can’t pay. She implied it shouldn’t be a problem because the author makes more money than her.

The author clarified that although she makes a fair amount of money, she can’t treat a person every time they visit. Also, Amy didn’t pay her back even after she insisted.

Having said that, Amy made a reservation at an expensive restaurant. While they were leaving the house, the author pretended to have forgotten something to go back inside and grab Amy’s purse, which was on her suitcase.

After they ate, the author asked the waiter to split the bill. But Amy intervened and declared, “No, we need one bill because I forgot my wallet again.” The author took out Amy’s wallet from her purse and asked, “This wallet?”

Amy was extremely furious, saying the author shouldn’t have touched her things.

Now the author is wondering whether what she did was out of line.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below.



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