New Father Leaves Wife and Baby on Day of Birth Over Baby’s Lack of Resemblance

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Genetics is tricky. I’ve read about black couples having white babies and white couples having black babies. And the most bizarre of them all was twin babies with extremely different skin colors. So I don’t think we can tell anything about a child’s paternity solely from their physical traits. But not everyone feels the same.

Here’s a Reddit post about a man who committed the blunder of dumping his wife the moment she gave birth to their son because he had different hair. The author is his wife, and since she didn’t mention names, I’ll call her Rose and her husband, Erik.

Why did the author’s husband dump her?

Three months ago, Erik dumped Rose on the day their son was born. The baby had dark hair when Rose was ginger, and Erik was blonde. Erik freaked out in the delivery room and got kicked out of the hospital. He accused Rose of cheating.

Everyone except the woman’s older brother, Alex, treated her poorly and thought she had been unfaithful, resulting in her losing friends and family members.

After a month of begging, Erik agreed to do a paternity test, and when the results came, it was proved that the child was his. Despite being together since they were 13, Rose realized that she did not want to be with someone who believed that “Punnett squares were the sole determining factor for biological inheritance.”

After receiving the test results, Erik begged Rose to take him back. She has been living with Alex since the separation, and her in-laws, particularly her mother-in-law, have been harassing her as well.

Something else that changed after her son’s birth was her faith. She identified as a Christian before the delivery but lost faith after everyone in the church accused her of cheating and how she was treated during the whole ordeal. So she decided not to raise her son in such a community.

Recently, her mother-in-law and a pastor from the woman’s former church came to Alex’s house uninvited and berated her for not forgiving her ex’s “lapse in judgment.” The pastor even threatened her with hell if she did not take her ex back. Rose called the police, and they were escorted out.

Now, people are calling her names on social media and demanding an apology for going “nuclear” on two non-threatening people. While she knows they care in their own way, she is starting to feel guilty for how she reacted.

Who should interfere in a couple’s relationship, and to what extent?

I don’t believe couples can sort out all issues between themselves. Sometimes, an outside perspective can give clarity and help the couple come to a consensus. However, I feel there is a limit to this intervention.

For example, I don’t think a person should try to convince the couple to get back together. The third-party can lay out points to help the couple see reason, and doing anything more than that could lead them to make wrong decisions.

Clearly, in this case, the author had made up her mind. So, I don’t support the mother-in-law or the pastor barging into her house and threatening her.

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