“My husband is the type to dish it out” Woman refuses to confront husband who offends her sister consistently

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Guiding and helping each other when one is wrong is the right way to go about in a relationship. However, one has to do it in private or amicably, if in public, to not offend the partner. If not explained carefully, it might seem like one is being disrespectful.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a woman refuses to confront her husband for saying insensitive things to her sister, who cannot have children.

Woman asks sister to stop coming to her to complain over her husband’s comments

The author starts the post by saying that she has an elder sister, Claire (35 years old), who hasn’t been able to conceive.

Claire always complains about the author’s husband’s backhanded comments even though many others ask her when she will have children. The author wrote, “My husband is the type to dish it out, but her complaining seemed excessive.”

According to Claire, once the author’s husband told her that women in their 30s might have difficulties getting pregnant. He also said to her that her garden was barren like hers.

Last week, when they were having a family dinner, Claire told the author that her husband suggested they stop wasting their money on IVF treatments and make better use of them. The author agreed that her husband was rude, but she asked Claire to speak to him directly and not approach her. Claire snapped at her, saying she brought her husband into the family and had to handle him. Their mother also sided with Claire, and the author felt overwhelmed.

As for her husband, he said he was giving his honest opinion, and Claire was just being sensitive. He also said that she had to talk to him if she had an issue with him.

What do you think? Is the author wrong to ask her sister to complain to her husband and not her? Share your thoughts below.



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