Mom says she is so good-looking that married men ask her out when she’s shopping

Aabha Gopan
2 min readDec 26, 2022

A mom of two claims that she is asked out by men who have partners while she is shopping at a kid’s toy store.

Bonnie Slayed says she is so good looking that men can’t help but ask her out even when she’s shopping at a kid’s toy store. She shared they start off by saying ‘please tell me you’re a single mum so I can give you my number’.

Bonnie, who is with Tommy, shared that although she gets a lot of attention generally, she is mostly hit on when in toy stores shopping for her two children.

The pretty mom also claims that men have sent her their phone numbers via services such as Airdrop. What’s astonishing is that some of them have asked her not to rat them out to their wives.

Bonnie revealed that some men have offered to pay for her shopping in exchange for her contact number. She said one guy didn’t even hesitate when her trolley was filled with toys for her kids so that he could impress her or let him take her out on a date.

Talking to the media, Bonnie called the attention she gets from men ‘funny’ and, at the same time, slammed the audacity married men showed to flirt with her. She revealed that men don’t stop even after she tells them that she is married.

Bonnie and her husband, Tommy, both gave up their 9 to 5 jobs and started an online business to spend more time with their children. They believed the flexible schedule would let them have more family time.

Tommy shared with the media that he just wanted to be with his kids during their formative years. He also felt they could never go back to a normal job now.