Mom of 12 wants to have 5 more babies despite trolls saying she should be sterilized

Aabha Gopan
2 min readApr 2, 2023

A mom of 12 has opened up about her desire to have five more kids despite trolls asking her to get sterilized.

Photo by Ani Nedkova

A TikToker with user ID @clutteredmother shares videos of her large family regularly but often faces backlash for her having 12 kids. In fact, trolls even ask her to get sterilized or seek psychiatric help. Despite this, she wants five more babies.

She responded to all the haters in a video where she can be seen holding her five younger kids and telling the viewers that she can have five more of them. The video gathered over 17,000 views and several comments.

The video went viral on social media, with one of the viewers asking why she should give up doing something she is good at.

In another video, the mother hit back at her haters again. She posted a clip saying that people tell her she is the reason why the world is overpopulated, and that makes her laugh.

Additionally, she gained more attention for a video she posted with her youngest child, saying her partner is ready for their 13th kid. This prompted several viewers to think that she has so many children because her partner fancies pregnancy.

To make things more confusing, she later posted another video of her asking her partner whether he liked getting her pregnant. Although he said ‘yes’ at first, she later clarified that it was just a joke.

Several users were rude to the couple after they posted the video. But a few of them supported the couple, pointing out that procreating was a man’s urge and, therefore, isn’t a bad thing.