Model snaps selfie on beach and accidentally catches woman ‘taking photo of her’

Aabha Gopan
2 min readDec 21, 2022

A woman was surprised when she caught an elderly lady clicking a picture of her from a selfie she clicked of herself.

Eliza Rose Watson, a 31-year-old British model, accidentally caught an elderly lady taking a picture of her from her screenshot. The model was sunbathing on the beach and clicked a selfie of herself to send to a friend. But when she zoomed the picture, she found someone lurking in the background with their phone pointed in her direction.

However, the model didn’t make a big issue out of it and just joked that her ‘fan’ might have got a better picture of her.

Later, Eliza shared the selfie on TikTok under the username @elizarosewatson1 and wondered whether the woman got a better angle. The post gathered over 18,000 views and 2,000 likes.

Unlike Eliza, those who viewed the photo were surprised at the blunder on the woman’s part and called her ‘sneaky’.

Eliza replied to comments under the picture saying that the woman might have got a better photo of her. Supporting this, one person assured her that the woman definitely got a close-up picture. Some other viewers joked that the woman got busted while another commented that they respected the apathy and confidence Eliza showed towards the situation.

Meanwhile, another person was getting creative and elaborated on what might have happened. They explained that upon seeing Eliza getting tanned, the woman might have thought about the way kids act today.

Eliza then added that she had similar experiences but not from ‘elderly women’ but from men.