Meet the woman with two vaginas. She keeps one for her husband and the other for work.

Aabha Gopan
3 min readApr 4, 2023
Evelyn Miller

Evelyn Miller, a 31-year-old woman from Australia, was diagnosed with uterus didelphys in 2011. This rare condition affects approximately one in every 2,000 women and is characterized by the presence of two uteruses, two sets of ovaries, and two vaginas. Miller’s condition went undetected until a gynecologist at the Women and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide noticed a physical irregularity during an examination.

As a teenager, Miller realized that something was “wrong” with her nether region when she tried to have sex with her boyfriend for the first time. Her boyfriend’s penis would “just keep hitting a wall,” making it impossible for them to have sex. She avoided sex for a long time after that because of the anxiety it caused her. Living on a remote farm with her dad, Miller had no one she could turn to for help, and Google was not an option due to the slow dial-up internet connection.

“I avoided sex for so long [after that]. Guys didn’t know what they were doing, and they’d just end up slamming their penis against my urethra.”

Miller slowly began to accept her condition after her 2011 diagnosis and eventually met her now-husband, Tom. She did not share her condition publicly until she started her OnlyFans account in 2018, with her spouse’s support. Miller has since become a popular content creator on the site, earning an incredible $1,480 per week.

Miller and her husband

“I was always curious about sex work, and sometimes other men are involved, too. It doesn’t feel like cheating really. I’ve got one vagina for work and another for play.”

Through her OnlyFans account, Miller has been able to embrace her condition and has found that people are fascinated by it. She believes that the site has given her a platform to raise awareness about uterus didelphys and has been able to help other women who have the same condition. Miller considers herself lucky to have been able to conceive in her right uterus and has two children, Andrew and Georgia.

“I get so many women messaging me who have had the worst time with it. Some are completely unable to have children, which is heartbreaking.”

Miller has no plans to stop sharing content on OnlyFans and hopes to continue breaking down the stigma surrounding her condition. She encourages other young women to get checked out if they feel like something is not right. Finally, she feels confident and content with who she is and is grateful for the opportunity to share her story.

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