Man hides step-daughter’s passport so that she would miss family vacation

Aabha Gopan
3 min readSep 21, 2022

How should one avoid their step-child?

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Stepparenting a teenager can be overwhelming because they were already going through a difficult phase in life when their parent remarried. So the teenager will have to handle being in a blended family while mitigating their adolescence issues.

Therefore, one has to be patient, forgiving, and loving with their teenage step-child.

But some step-parents might disagree with this and act harshly when things don’t go their way.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a man hid his step-daughter’s passport so that she would miss the family vacation.

Woman cancels trip after she found that her husband hid her daughter’s passport

The author starts the post by saying that she and her husband have been together for three years. She has a daughter (17 years old) from her previous relationships, while he has three kids.

Her husband has complained to her about her daughter, who is the eldest child in the house, that she doesn’t spend enough time with his children or him.

When the author asked her daughter, the teenager pointed out that she has school, health issues, and a job. The author learned that her daughter spends as much time as possible with the kids, but her husband asks her to take on the responsibility of babysitting whenever she is with them.

However, her husband refused to have done that and said that her daughter was making excuses not to be with them.

The author figured that it would be best that they have a family vacation to solve the issue.

Although her husband liked the idea, he suggested they don’t take her daughter as his kids were uncomfortable around her (daughter). He added that they should let her daughter stay home so that she could get the house to herself as she wanted.

The author clarified that they should go as a family and booked tickets for everyone.

But her daughter couldn’t find her passport even after they turned the house upside down, searching for it. Her husband said that it was a sign from god that her daughter shouldn’t go with them.

The author ignored the comment then.

Later while she was cleaning her husband’s office, she found her daughter’s passport tucked away in the 3rd drawer under papers. When she confronted her husband, he refused to have taken it, but the camera visuals showed him entering her daughter’s room.

The author was furious and ended up canceling the whole trip. He justified his actions by saying that he didn’t want his kids to be miserable on the trip. He was willing to apologize to her daughter if the author reconsiders her decision to cancel the trip.

As for now, her husband is being distant and is fasting because he wants some time to get guidance from god about the disrespect and control the author is showing.

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