Man dismissed his wife’s concerns of a truck following them. Then, a man from the truck tries to kidnap their daughter.

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Paige Ortiz and her husband, Carlos Ortiz, were leaving Walmart with their two-year-old daughter when the mother noticed a blue pick-up truck, one similar to theirs, following them. When she voiced her concern to her husband, he dismissed it, saying she overreacted. But then, something horrific happened.

The blue truck stopped across the street from their house as they pulled into their driveway. A man got out from the truck and walked towards them. He asked Carlos questions about their truck, and since everything seemed normal, Paige let her guard down. She was carrying bags into their house when she heard a commotion outside. She saw the stranger holding their daughter, shouting at her husband, “You’re not the father of this child.”

Acting fast, Paige grabbed a knife and bolted towards the man who was struggling with Carlos. She immediately placed the knife on the man’s throat and threatened to cut him if he didn’t release the girl. At last, the stranger let the girl go before running away.

Who was the kidnapper?

The man was later identified as 62-year-old Steven Bayse with Paige’s help. During the capture, Bayse drove off at a red light, hit three patrol cars, and almost struck a deputy.

As the mother provided the law enforcement officials with the make, model, and license number of his vehicle, officers spotted his vehicle and took him under custody for kidnapping, evading arrest or detention with a vehicle, and aggravated assault against a public servant.

How is the family doing?

Paige and Carlos are shaken after the encounter. They can’t comprehend that a man tried to kidnap their daughter right before their eyes from their house. Meanwhile, the two-year-old girl is doing well, as she hadn’t registered what happened.

Paige told the media, “Don’t listen to the people who are saying, ‘Oh, you’re so overreacting, this is . . . fine,’ or whatever. No, because it’s not fine. You have every right to overreact as a parent, and I’m so glad and thankful that I was overreacting because had I not been, things could have been different.”

Child Kidnapping in the U.S.A.

Did you know that a child goes missing or is abducted in the U.S.A. every 40 seconds? According to Child Safety, around 840,000 children are reported missing each year, and the F.B.I. thinks that between 85–90% of these are children. Strangers are abductors in only 1% of these cases, which could mean that parents could have avoided it if they had been more cautious.

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