Man cancels wife’s flight ticket to keep her from attending sister’s wedding

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A controlling spouse can destroy the marriage by making their significant other suffer from low self-esteem, making them feel incompetent, and more. Such a controlling spouse might also manipulate the passive spouse to do things the way they want.

The lack of care and nurturing in the relationship could confuse the passive spouse.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a man cancels his wife’s flight ticket to keep her from attending her sister’s wedding.

Woman goes to her sister’s wedding after her husband canceled the plane ticket

The author starts the post by saying that she and her husband have three kids — two, four, and seven years old. While the author is a stay-at-home mother, her husband works full time.

The author wanted to go to her sister’s wedding in another town which was hours away. Her husband asked her not to go because he was working and she needed to look after the kids. Her husband didn’t want to hire a babysitter because their last one robbed them. Also, the wedding didn’t allow kids, so she couldn’t take them with her.

But the author wants to go because it’s her only sibling’s wedding, and it’s once a lifetime event. When she told him this, he chuckled at her statement and left the topic.

When the wedding approached, her husband insisted she stay and miss the function. The author suggested calling her friend to look after the kids, but he refused to consider it.

On the day of the wedding, the author dropped the kids at her friend’s place and went to the airport to find that her husband had canceled her ticket. She still went by road after driving for 4 hours.

After a few hours, her husband called her, concerned over where she was. When she told him that she was at the wedding, her husband said that she wasn’t supposed to go, and he had even canceled her ticket to get her to stay.

Her husband called her horrible names and made his mother do the same. The worst was that they called her a ‘horrible, neglectful mother.’ He told her that it was horrible that she left after ignoring him and is giving her the silent treatment.

Now, she is wondering whether she was wrong.

What do you think? Should the author have stayed with the kids, as her husband asked? Share your thoughts below.



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