I loved my job but quit after a year, all because of her…my boss

Here are 7 things I’ll never do as a boss.

Aabha Gopan
5 min readAug 28


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I had never visualized myself as a boss till I worked with a large company with over 50 employees. I stood gawking at the multiple layers of management and aspired to be one of the ‘bosses’ in the future.

But fate had something else in store for me.

My job was definitely the best — atleast on paper.

I had twenty four days of paid leave, flexible work hours, optional remote work, and the tasks that came along with the job were thrilling. I was a part of a productive team with great dynamics, and we dined together bi-weekly, hung out together post work, conducted office events together, and more. In short, I loved my team.

And then, one fine day, I quit.

The reason?

My boss.

I completely blame her for ruining my work life at the company. From her, I learned everything a boss shouldn’t do, and here, I’ll share them with you.

1. Don’t just ask, try to understand

The first thing a boss is asked to do when an employee misses a deadline or displays poor performance is to talk to them. During the conversation, the boss will seek the reason and, if the situation isn’t dire, dismiss the employee with a warning.

My boss did something similar. She asked and heard, but didn’t want to understand. Therefore, she couldn’t empathize with my weaknesses and gave me the ‘inefficient employee’ tag.

My boss didn’t put in any effort to understand when I told her a particular information she wanted wasn’t on the internet, and instead, she assumed I didn’t try hard and made me feel insignificant for my incompetence. I would have agreed with her if she had produced the results herself— which she chose not to do.

If I ever become someone’s boss, I vow to empathize with them if their excuse is reasonable.

2. Play down an employee’s effort



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