“I just think you eat too much sugar” Man manipulates girlfriend to look like his ex

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How to react when one’s partner manipulates them to look like their ex?

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Moving on from an ex is difficult, especially when the person is still in love with them. As a result, some people manipulate their present partners to look like their ex.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a man makes his girlfriend look like his ex by manipulating her dressing choice, hairstyle, and more.

“You two look pretty much alike”

The author starts the post by saying that she and her boyfriend met as coworkers. They dated casually until, one day, something just clicked. Since then, they have been together for five years, and they were the happiest days of her life.

Everything was fine till her boyfriend commented that the author would look great if she lost a few pounds. He said, “I just think you eat too much sugar. Why don’t you choose a salad instead.” Back then, she felt they were sweet compliments.

Later, he said she would look better if her hair were blonde and short. So she dyed and cut her hair short. He told her, “Honey, I just know that this cut is for you.” She also changed her lifestyle as per his comments.

When the author met her parents, they worriedly told her that she looked completely different. But she didn’t think much of it until her friends told her she looked like a new person. One of her friends said he was worried about her and that her boyfriend was changing her into something she was not.

This stuck with her for a few days, and when her boyfriend asked, she told him her concerns. He assured her that she looked better now and she should be thankful to him for that. She agreed and moved on.

But a few days ago, her boyfriend posted a story on Instagram with a tall, blonde, beautiful woman with the caption, “Glad we could see each other again.” When he got back home, the author asked who the woman in the picture was. He ignored her initially but later said that it wasn’t her business.

The following week, her boyfriend shared several pictures of their reunion on Instagram, and when she confronted him, he said it was his ex.

The author confided to a friend who asked her to show the woman’s Instagram profile. Upon seeing the woman, her friend looked horrified and said, “You two look pretty much alike.” The author didn’t take it seriously, but her friend kept comparing them.

She went home and avoided her boyfriend. But he didn’t care and went on with his day. She later compared her photos with his ex’s and felt they looked identical.

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