I have one tried and tested advice for those looking for a long-lasting relationship

Modern relationships fail here.

Aabha Gopan
4 min readSep 12, 2023
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‘Forever’ is everyone’s dream.

Having someone you could call yours for years with love, pride, and admiration is something we all wish for.

Sadly, modern dating involves relationships moving too quickly, making it impossible to find the right person.

You see two people on their first date one day, and within a month, they’re exclusive. By the end of the year, they have moved in and married within the following year.

But they start noticing problems a few months after the marriage and realize they aren’t happy in the relationship.

Often, the blame is on the partner — ‘She has changed,’ ‘He hangs out with the guys more,’ and so on. They start to resent each other, and the resultant bickering, nagging, and conflicts become the partner’s fault.

In reality, the problem was in the beginning.

They simply didn’t choose the right partner.

You may now ask how you can find a suitable partner. I’ll answer the question in a word — by filtering your options.

And how do you do that?



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