Husband spends $500 on PS5 instead of building baby’s room

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Should one unnecessarily lie about their finances to their partner?

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Lying about financial matters, hiding purchases, keeping a secret bank account, etc., and other types of financial infidelity can have a serious impact on a relationship. The person who didn’t commit financial infidelity might struggle to trust their partner like before.

This topic was discussed in a recent Reddit post in which a man buys a PS5 with $500 that was set aside to build a baby’s room.

Woman rips up a check in front of her husband

The author starts the post by saying that she and her husband got married in June and they learned that they were expecting recently. As her husband is only working a part-time job, money is tight in their household. He spent his free time after work, building the baby’s room.

The author’s parents and her husband get along well, except that her parents think he’s with her only for money. But the author clarified that they don’t share finances because her husband loves spending money.

Having said that, the author’s parents invited her for dinner and told her that they had given her husband $500 to build the baby’s room. Then, they gave her a check for another $1000.

When she reached home, her husband was playing with his new PS5, which he bought with the money his parents gave him. He said he was planning on getting a new gaming PC with the $1000 her parents gave her. So she got angry and ripped the check.

Her parents are asking for the money back after they came to know what their son-in-law did with it. On the other hand, his parents are blaming her.

What do you think? Should the author have let her husband buy a new gaming PC with the money? Share your thoughts below.



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