How To Motivate Yourself To Work Your Ass Off

Aabha Gopan
3 min readSep 3, 2021


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You may get up in the morning and think to yourself ‘Today’s going to be different. I’ll not waste my work hours scrolling through Instagram or gossiping about Clair and Rob’s illicit affair, and be productive’.

Do you end up being productive that day?

Are you finding it hard to work due to lack of motivation?

If yes, this article is for you. Here, I’ll share some tips that will encourage you to work even when your hot co-worker is watching.

  1. Fix A Goal

Get yourself a short-term goal. But it shouldn’t be just any goal.

It’s super easy to set a random goal like ‘I’ll finish replying to all emails today at work’- which isn’t going to get you anywhere.

We, humans, are selfish. We have a personal motive behind doing everything. In fact, people who say they would take a bullet for someone are the most selfish.

They can’t stand the pain of losing someone they love, so they make the same person they took the bullet for go through not only pain but also guilt.

And most of us will take not just one but multiple bullets for the people we love.

If we’re that selfish, how can you expect yourself to do something you don’t want to do for a goal that doesn’t mean anything to you?

So, your goal should be your dream.

Your goal should inspire you. Should make you want to tear down internal barriers that are holding you back from working hard. It should be something that’s deeply integrated with your mind.

So, instead of ‘I’ll finish replying to all emails today at work’, you should go for ‘I want to have a peaceful weekend without my boss calling me up to respond to emails. For that, I should reply to all of them today.’

2. Daydream

Daydreaming is an art that we excel at. In your dreams, you can win the Best Employee Award, get appreciated for winning over a difficult client, or earn the highest bonus. There are no limitations to what you can be or have in the dreamworld. That’s refreshing and encouraging.

But there’s a less known benefit of daydreaming. It engraves the dream in your heart.

So, every time you daydream of something, your desire to make it real increases. You’ll want it more badly in real life.

That’s why you must daydream your goal. The more you dream of it, the more you become influenced. And the more you’ll work to achieve it.

Daydreaming, according to me, is a powerful tip.

Our mind can be controlled by our thoughts, whether we like it or not. And daydreaming, even about a goal you aren’t attached to, can make you want it.

3. Never Lose Hope

Let's say you have the perfect goal and are a complete daydreamer, but still don’t put in the effort to achieve it. That could be because you have lost hope.

If that’s the case, you should remind yourself that changes don’t happen overnight. They take time. And effort. Making yourself work hard isn’t easy. So give yourself credit as you progress slowly.

But when you lose hope, you’ll gradually stop working hard. This will take you farther away from your goal.

At times of doubt, remind yourself that nothing is impossible if you work smart and hard.

You may be a swan born with a plain white body. But if you decide to become a peacock, no one can stop you.

You should understand not to lose hope if you don’t succeed in working like you want to. You have to keep setting goals and daydreaming till the day you become the employee you wish to be.

Now that you know how to make yourself work even on a lazy day, why wait?

Get started today!



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