Homeless man goes without ‘hot food’ and ‘shampoo’ to keep his cats fed after increase in cost of living

A has revealed that he skips hot meals and washing hair to feed his pet cats after the cost of living increased.

, a 45-year-old man, who lives in Brent, North West London, has recently shared his battle with the cost of living crisis. He says he struggles to feed himself and his lovely pets.

In April, he was kicked out by his and is now homeless on the streets of London. For months, he has been sleeping in his car with two of his cats, Molly and Max, and their three newborn kittens.

Colin is a dad of four who has faced challenges living in London as he struggled to pay bills, rent, and food. In fact, he couldn’t buy cat food as its cost increased from £3.60 to £4.10.

As a result, the man has been sacrificing his needs to prioritize food and shelter for his cats. But his osteoarthritis condition is getting worse daily. Despite that, he still manages to live in London as a homeless person.

According to his , he can afford two hot meals for himself. Despite the stress the cats bring him, he can’t think what he would do without them as he is lonely and can’t cope alone.

However, Molly had gone missing for . But she returned and was immediately rushed to the Mayhew Animal Hospital. The welfare officers gave Colin blankets, wet and dry food, cat litter, and a collar which is a great lifesaver.



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