“He’s living another life online” Woman heartbroken after learning husband fantasizes about her sister

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When one sees that their marriage is beyond repair, they have to take the next step, which is divorce. Too many arguments, financial issues, and other issues can be a sign that the marriage isn’t revivable.

One such sign is emotional dissatisfaction in the marriage.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a woman finds that her husband is leading a different life online where his family is her sister and children. She also learns that he fantasizes about her sister.

“He’s living another life online”

The author starts the post by saying that her husband, who is an avid gamer, always complains about how her sister is gaining weight. She got suspicious and went through his computer and phone while he was sleeping.

However, she was surprised to see that he had been complaining about her sister’s weight gain to his best friend. Her husband is afraid that she will lose her beauty, or worse, that she is pregnant. He admits that he fantasizes about her sister and uses her pictures to pleasure himself. He sent his best friend a picture of her sister with her nephew (her sister’s son), saying he found it attractive. To make matters worse, he even used photos of her sister in beachwear which he clicked during their vacation together.

When the author went through her husband’s PC, she learned that his gamer friends think that his wife is her sister and that her sister’s kids are their children. His profile picture is of her sister and her children with him, which was clicked on Christmas.

The author couldn’t believe what she saw because her husband always said that loves her and made her feel special. Fortunately, she didn’t find anything showing that her sister was involved in this.

When her husband got to know that she went through his PC and computer, he apologized and said that he was angry at himself. He explained that his fantasies were just an escape from his reality and that he hasn’t loved the author for 2 years. He was posing online as a rich man with a beautiful wife and children, and it gave him the rush needed to cope with reality.

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