Hero girl, 10, helps mom give birth at home and, now, wants to be a doctor

Aabha Gopan
2 min readNov 21, 2022

A 10-year-old girl has been hailed as a hero by government officials in her hometown after she assisted her mother in giving birth to her baby sister at home.


Miracle Moore called 911 after her mother, Viola Fair, went into labor three weeks early at their Jennings, Missouri, home. Because there wasn’t enough time to get her mother to the hospital, the emergency response dispatcher who answered Miracle’s call explained the procedures her mother should follow to give birth as safely as possible.

During a fateful 10-minute phone call, the girl conveyed the news to her expecting mother. After all, was said and done, Fair and Miracle welcomed a baby girl named Jayla into their family.

The new baby and her mother were taken to a hospital by paramedics for a checkup, and both of them ultimately received a clean bill of health.

Meanwhile, Miracle Moore received a certificate for her bravery and courage at a ceremony that she attended with the county dispatchers she had spoken to.

When asked about her experience, Miracle expressed that the best part was getting to be the first person who saw Jayla.

She further disclosed that after this incident, she wanted to be a doctor.

Fair stated that it was a miracle giving birth at home and she remembered that when the baby came out she was not able to pick her up but then Miracle came up with a towel and wrapped her up. Fair was thankful for her daughter as she rubbed the back of the baby girl so she could cry.

Scott Stranghoener, the 911 operator who spoke with Miracle on the day Jayla was born said in an interview that the 10-year-old did an amazing job.