Former Hooters’employee shares she wore ‘XL’ to work

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Hooters is known for its attractive female staff, who adorn ‘skimpy’ costumes and serve tasty chicken wings. What’s common about these waitresses is that they are all beautiful and, typically, slim.

Here’s a former Hooters’ employee who claims to have worn the size ‘XL’ uniform while working in the restaurant.

The Hooters’ Employee who wore ‘XL’

Sashya, a former employee of the restaurant chain Hooters, has recently shared on TikTok that she was one of the few “XL” waitresses at her branch, which received a lot of attention from customers due to her size. Despite being self-conscious about her curves in comparison to her slimmer colleagues, Sashya proudly wore her XL-sized uniform with confidence while dancing and lip-syncing to Britney Spears’ Circus in front of the camera.

Sashya’s white and red Hooters uniform, which features a tight crop top and short shorts, undoubtedly added to her attractiveness.

Although some of Sashya’s followers were surprised to learn that she was considered plus-size by the chain, many expressed their admiration for her and claimed they would love to be served by her in her section.

However, Sashya confessed that being made to wear an XL uniform made her feel insecure about her body at times, especially when comparing herself to her slimmer colleagues. She disclosed that she wears a size 12 outside of work, and feels like the least attractive one at her workplace due to her curvier figure.

Despite her insecurities, Sashya’s followers were quick to show their support and appreciation for her confidence and beauty. They praised her for being one of the most attractive waitresses at her Hooters branch and encouraged her to continue being proud of her body, no matter what size it may be.

‘You are stunning,’ one commented, while another asked: ‘Hold on, you’re considered plus-size?’

‘They do XL? I was always told you had to be like, tiny,’ one asked.

‘Most are actually pretty inclusive. There are a few whose managers just prefer smaller girls, so they tend to hire that,’ Sashya explained in her reply.

Now that Sashya has moved on to another job, it is evident that her time at Hooters has left an impact on her, both in terms of the attention she received for her size and the self-consciousness it caused her.

‘I definitely feel that the least hot every time I’m there. They are all beautiful and perfectly cute petite bodies,’ she wrote.

However, her openness and honesty on social media have allowed her to connect with her followers and receive encouragement and support from those who admire her confidence and beauty.

‘You’re probably the hottest one,’ a complimentary comment read.

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