Engaged woman thinks she might be carrying her neighbor’s baby

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One of the basics of a relationship is trust, and infidelity can directly impact the trust a person has in their partner. In some cases, children can also be born out of infidelity, and they might be present in the relationships as a constant reminder of the affair.

As a result, affair children might not necessarily have a great life.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post about a woman who is doubtful that she is carrying her neighbor’s baby.

Woman thinks she is having her neighbor’s baby

The author, a 24-year-old woman, starts the post by saying that she is 20 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and she doesn’t know who the father is.

She and her fiance moved into their present apartment complex about a year ago. Although she and her fiance were in a relationship for three years, they didn’t move in together until then. While they were shifting things into their apartment, one of their neighbors, a man around their age showed them how the callbox worked and the three of them got along well. They would hang out together, go over for football, and more.

After a few months, the author and her fiance started having a few problems since it was their first time living together. They were always fighting, arguing, and struggling to compromise on things. So her fiance went to stay with his friend for a few weeks, during which she thought they were over.

One night, while she was hanging out alone in a bar her neighbor came over to her to talk. They spoke about her relationship and ended up going back to his place.

A few days after that, the author and her fiance got back together and everything has been great since then. They then found out that she was pregnant and were ecstatic.

But she ran into her neighbor this morning and it suddenly occurred to her that the baby could be his. He congratulated her when he saw her place her hand on her belly.

Now she is wondering whether she should tell her fiance as the chances of it being her neighbor’s child is small.

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