Do You Really Have To Vent When You Feel You Need To Vent

Aabha Gopan
2 min readAug 29, 2021

Heads Up… Venting Ahead!!!

Pic from Chatsworth Consulting Group

We all experience extreme emotions from time to time. There are people who act on it. They may tear pillows apart, send the TV remote flying, break expensive chinaware, or punch the wall (not recommended). And then, there are people who sit on it.

But is that healthy? Not letting the emotion out?

Well…Scientists do not exactly condemn holding feeling in. They say venting can help you connect with the listener. Also, listeners may suggest changes or solutions that can guide you live through the feeling. Further, sharing an emotional distress can reduce its intensity and give you a sense of relief.

However, venting can quickly become a villain if you overdo it. You are likely to relive the incident everytime you talk about it. In fact, simply thinking about it can increase its hold on your mind. This is especially true when the emotions involved are negative, like sorrow or anger.

Let’s get back to the main question…Should you vent?

It depends on whom you vent to and how often you do it.

Venting to a person who is skilled in giving realistic advices can pull you out of your suffering. Also, a good listener may offer the right support that you need during difficult times. So, if you’re with someone that fits the above qualities, go ahead — pour your heart out!

Most importantly, you need to control how often you vent. You can engage in an interesting activity. This will take your mind off your emotions. You may not believe it, but this will ease the feeling.

Final Thougths

Venting is a part of recovery. And it’s important that you do it.

However, too much venting can do more harm than good. Therefore you should recognise when you NEEEED and NEEEEEEEEEEEED — to vent. And only vent for the latter.