Delta flight attendant tells wheelchair passenger that TSA will make him get off plane ‘with their guns’

Aabha Gopan
2 min readDec 4, 2022

Flight attendants of Delta Airlines threaten a wheelchair passenger that TSA (Transportation Security Administration) will deboard him off the plane with guns.

Cory Lee, an award-winning travel blogger, was looking forward to deplaning after a long flight from Santiago, Chile, to Atlanta, Georgia on November 13th.

He was diagnosed with a condition that made him wheelchair-bound at the age of two. Despite having such a condition, this courageous man has traveled to all seven continents. Usually, when he deboards a plane he gets off only when his power chair arrives at the jet bridge.

But when the Delta flight from Santiago to Atlanta landed, the flight attendants brought an aisle chair, which is used to transport flyers to their own wheelchairs, for him. He learned that his power chair wasn’t at the jet bridge and informed the flight attendants that he would prefer to stay on the plane till he could get his power chair.

Lee shared that his chair is heavy and could take time to reach the jet bridge. He preferred his own chair because the aisle chair was uncomfortable and could make him vulnerable to pressure sores.

But his request angered the flight attendants even though it falls under the Air Carrier Access Act.

Lee shared with the media that the flight attendants were talking to themselves saying ‘He just doesn’t want to get off the plane’ when he actually wanted to deboard the plane. But the issue escalated when the flight attendant threatened to involve the TSA to get Lee off the plane if he didn’t exit the plane and waited for his wheelchair.

After around five to seven minutes, an employee from the Atlanta airport informed him that his wheelchair was at the door of the jet bridge. He was then transported from the seat to his power chair in the aisle chair.

The video of the interaction was posted on Instagram where it gathered a lot of views and comments. As a reply to a media that got in touch with Delta, the airline sent out a statement that the interaction doesn’t reflect the standard of care it aspires its flier to experience. They conveyed that they were reviewing the incident.