Couple with 30 year age gap called ‘Gross’ for having baby together

Aabha Gopan
2 min readDec 4, 2022

A 30-year-old woman has revealed that she and her partner, a 60-year-old man, got called ‘gross’ for having a baby together.

Mindy Milka, a young Youtuber with over 265K subscribers, wasn’t ready for the number of hateful messages she received after announcing the news of her expectations. Some of her viewers pointed out that her husband, Larry, was ‘too old to be a dad’.

Before this outrage over the pregnancy, the couple also received negative responses when Mindy introduced her followers to her husband. In fact, some even said he looked like her grandfather.

However, their reactions to mean comments were posted in a video filmed for Truly. Some of the vile comments included calling the couple ‘gross’ and implying that Larry probably doesn’t even know how to open a PDF file. Another comment read that he looked 85.

Mindy shares that she was a Youtuber for a full year before she introduced Larry after several requests from followers. She shared that while a good number of her followers were supportive of their age gap, she received a lot of backlash for the same which surprised her. Now, she claims to have developed ‘thicker skin’.

Mindy met Larry, who was a police officer then after she got involved in a car accident. Following that, the couple started dating and they tied the knot in 2016. In 2020, they started trying for a baby.

When they announced that they were pregnant, the news gave rise to a ‘new wave’ of hate as people called them selfish. She continued that although they received so much hate online, no one criticized them to their face.

Some of the hateful comments suggested that their kid wouldn’t get to see their dad live for long. However, the couple also received a lot of support, which Larry called ‘amazing’.