Christian landlord rejects couple’s application because they are ‘unmarried’

Aabha Gopan
2 min readDec 22, 2022

A couple was denied a house after the landlord learned that the couple was Christian and unmarried.

A couple, whose names are not revealed, is in a fix after the landlord denied their application because they were unmarried and Christian.

The landlord had asked the couple to answer a questionnaire when they applied for the property. One of the questions asked the couple whether they were Christians and had any issues with the landlord expressing his faith.

From this answer, the landlord, who already knew the couple was unmarried, deduced that they were living together outside wedlock, which is sinful in Christianity.

Addressing the couple as sister and brother, the landlord sent a long email explaining why they shouldn’t live together. Not only did he point out that it was sinful but also reminded them that it could lead to things going wrong in their life.

In the email, the landlord even referred to ‘God’ as ‘dad’ and the couple as ‘brother’ and ‘sister’. He shared that the couple was free to make their own decisions but he refused to do anything that goes against ‘dad’.

He later revealed that he was denying the application because the couple was ‘Christian’ but still chose to live together while ‘unmarried’. He clarified that if they had told him they were ‘non-Christians’ he wouldn’t have had any problem with them living together out of wedlock.

The couple asked the landlord whether he wasn’t reviewing their application because they were honest about it like he asked them to be. The woman pointed out that the landlord was ‘passing a judgment’ that she was sure God wouldn’t like.