Call center employee reveals what they do after putting callers on hold

Aabha Gopan
2 min readDec 21, 2022

A woman has posted a video about what call center agents actually do when they put their callers on hold.

Ellena Walker, a call center worker, has posted a video of her showing what really happens behind the scenes when they put callers on hold. Her video gathered over 215,000 views and several comments since posting. In her video, she also revealed why she puts her callers on hold for so long.

The viral video, which was shared to the popular video-streaming service, shows Ellena’s colleague waiting for her toenails to dry after having just painted them. Along with the video, she told viewers that they were applying the top coat which is why they were putting people on hold for a long.

The video also showed Ellen’s coworker talking to a caller while keeping her painted nails under the UV lamp.

Following Ellen, several other call center agents came clean about what they do after putting their callers on hold. One of them even revealed that she loved putting calls on hold so that she could eat her dinner in between. Ellen joined the conversation and shared that she used to go to Maccies drive-thru.

One of the other call center agents chimed in that she would tell her caller that the PC was loading and munch away her lunch. Meanwhile, another added that they would catch five minutes break after putting their callers on hold.

Additionally, a fourth person asked them whether they had ever forgotten a caller after putting them on hold.