American parents refuse to let daughter study because she is a ‘girl’

Aabha Gopan
2 min readOct 8, 2022
Photo by Mikhail Nilov

A family is usually a safe place where one isn’t differentiated and loved equally. But some families, due to their orthodox beliefs, treat their daughters differently from their sons.

Daughters might be asked to do household chores when their sons study or play. They might not get the opportunity to study because their education isn’t necessary.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which parents refuse to pay for their daughter’s education because she is a girl.

Woman tells parents to pay back her college tuition in exchange for a relationship

The author starts the post by saying that she was raised by parents who were orthodox Christians and believed in gender roles rigidly. That’s why her mother stayed at home and cared for her and her brothers while her dad worked.

She has two elder and a younger brother. Unlike her brothers, her education or achievements were never given much value because she was expected to stay at home and care for her family.

When it was time for the author to apply for college, her parents prohibited her from studying further. On the other hand, they had funded her elder brothers’ entire tuition fees and other expenses.

But she secretly applied and got accepted into an engineering college with a partial scholarship. She didn’t tell her parents she was moving until a week before and left for college with a few things that her friends had given her. She took debt, worked hard, and graduated.

Now, the author is married and is expecting a child. Her parents contacted her and they met in a park. They apologized to her for treating her differently and causing her pain. But they didn’t answer what they were sorry for when she asked.

The author doubted their intentions and said she would give their relationship a chance if they were willing to pay $100,000 for her education as they did for her brothers. She felt that if they were willing to cover the education they didn’t pay for, it could be a sign they changed.

Upon hearing this, her mother started crying and her father asked whether she was serious. Her elder brothers called her immature and hurtful for that.

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