A Simple Technique To Change What You Don’t Like About Yourself

Aabha Gopan
2 min readSep 8, 2021
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Children pick up certain traits from their parents and develop a few from how they were brought up. Kids who have caring parents tend to be more confident and comfortable in their own skin. Whereas kids with inattentive parents often have low self-esteem.

Since they develop these traits over the years, it’s deeply engraved in their minds. And the farther they go in their lives with these traits, the harder it becomes to change them.

Just harder, not impossible.

But changing traits require a lot of energy and time. It would probably hold you back from concentrating on anything else. Especially if the trait is an integral part of your character.

For example, attributes like rudeness. You can’t become a polite person overnight if you have been rude for years. Whereas characteristics like tardiness are easier to control.

Here’s a way you can change some of your traits.

1. Realization

In most cases, people can’t put a finger on what exactly they don’t like about themselves. It could be because its been a part of them for a really long time.

So, the first step would be to identify the traitor trait, the one that you don’t want.

2. Decision

Once you recognize the trait, you should make up your mind whether you want to continue with it. If you decide to ditch it, you have to do it with all your heart, no matter how difficult it is.

3. Repeat

Chances are that you’re going to do what you don't want to, even after you decide not to. Again. Againn. Agaainn.

So, everytime you do it, you should remind yourself your decision. And repeat. Repeaat. Repeaaat. Till you don’t do it.


You may want to stop being lazy and show dedication towards work. or you could want to control your emotions when around people.

Whatever it is, changing yourself is difficult. It’ll require you to master self-control, which will happen only over time.

Therefore, be optimistic, believe in yourself, then one day, you will be the person you want to be.

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