A fifth grader drew a pig with a bowtie. After a few hours, her parents were called to the school to discuss the drawing

Aabha Gopan
2 min readJun 10, 2023

Sierra Carter received a surprising call from her 11-year-old daughter’s elementary school teacher, saying the girl had drawn something inappropriate and the principal wanted to meet her.

Carter’s daughter had drawn a pig with a bow tie which one of her classmates thought looked like the male part. He went on to complain to the teacher that Carter’s daughter drew boy parts, and when the teacher saw her drawing, she called Carter.

When Carter met with the teacher, she was told that the principal would be notified of the issue to see how he would like to handle it. Throughout these conversations, Carter claims her daughter wasn’t even asked once about the picture. The girl repeatedly told Carter that the drawing was of a pig with a bow tie.

Meanwhile, upon seeing the drawing, the principal asked the teacher to write the girl up. It was only then that Carter got to see the drawing, and she was shocked because “it was very much a bowtie.” Carter vented in a video, which was later posted on TikTok, that a piece of paper describing how her daughter reacted to the teacher’s questions about the drawing was recorded. The picture and the note were going to the girl’s student file at the principal’s request.

Carter asked to meet the principal, who told her, “Well, bow ties have a bow,” when she told him what his daughter said. She explained to him that the girl was only 11, and if the drawing was a bow tie to her, it was a bow and a tie.

“You can’t just sit there and assume or ostracize a child for something like that. Because one boy thinks it’s something, that’s the word you’re going to take?” she vented in the video. When Carter told the principal that her daughter owed an apology, the principal asked her, “Well, who do you expect to apologize to her?”

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